Hat Sadness

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​I lost my third hat of the winter last week:


I’ve been making another one. But it’s not in blue Malabrigo.

Or creamy camel down from Hedgehog Fibres (lost at Christmas)…

Or gold and brown handspun dyed by Pigeonroof (lost the first time I wore it, last September)…


I’m sure the new hat will have its own charm. I’ll blog it as soon as I come out of mourning.



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So, I was browsing my feeds the other day, and I saw Clara Parkes’ new review of Pear Tree Yarn Supersoft 8-ply (ravlink), and I realized, very excitedly, “Hang on a minute! I have that yarn!”

Yes! I have an actual, bona fide Knitter’s Review featured yarn. Erin gave me two skeins in a fantastic grey-blue color (“Denim”) for Christmas. I believe that she did a sneaky buy-yarn-for-you-behind-your-back-while-Christmas-shopping-for-Grandma number. I’ll have to remember that one. Anyway, it’s beautiful, and truly, it’s really, really soft:

My first thought had been to use it for a Wayfarer scarf for me, but then I started feeling unsure about whether that would be using the yarn to its best advantage, since it’s so round and drapey. After reading Clara’s review, I thought a cabled scarf might be more fun. Then I remembered that Jared Flood has a new pattern (ravlink) out for a reversible cabled scarf that I really like the look of. So. I’m thinking. It may happen. I will keep you posted.

Not unhappy at all

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My precious.

All you knit is love, Barcelona

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Just spotted world’s best yarn shop name!

Ravelry: all you knit is love.


Infinity scarves

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After five or six valiant attempts to knit a circular scarf, I’m about at the point of giving up. Either they’re too wide, or too narrow, or too long, or too short, or too floppy, or too scrunchy … or something. Right now I’m working on the Churchmouse Classics mohair bias loop — which is mysteriously not on their website, so here’s the Ravelry link. I’m secretly hoping that this kind of scarf goes out of fashion quickly, so I don’t have to mourn my inability to make a decent one next winter, too.

k1 in Edinburgh

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Great displays.

I love the baskets!